Phyto - Phytokarite Ultra Nourishing Mask Ultra-Dry Hair

Phyto - Phytokarite Ultra Nourishing Mask Ultra-Dry Hair

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For Ultra-Dry Hair with Shea Butter

PHYTOKARITE is an intensive treatment mask that helps repair and rejuvenate very dry, damaged hair by providing it with the essential elements it lacks. Brimming with naturally rich agents, including Shea Butter, Cashew and Pastel oils, filled with essential fatty acids, PHYTOKARITE nourishes the hair from within. A wood cellulose derivative with water-binding properties helps maintain the hair's moisture balance. Hydrolyzed keratin coats the hair and makes it easier to detangle, while Tocopherol (Vitamin E), a known anti-oxidant, helps protect hair from external stress factors. The hair is replenished from within, regaining its original softness, suppleness and shine.
Ultra-Dry Hair - Weakened from within, ultra-dry hair is characterized by a dual deficiency in moisture and lipids (sebum), which alters its elasticity and suppleness. As a result, it becomes porous and loses certain elements, such as keratin (amino acids). Ultra-dry hair tends to be difficult to detangle, coarse and brittle, and requires replenishing with nourishing and restorative agents.
PHYTO products bring the most potent active ingredients from the botanical world to your hair through Phytotherathrie, the science of haircare through plants.
PHYTO will help maintain the healthy appearance of your hair and reveal its full beauty.
Through its botanical formulas, PHYTO provides a natural and precise solution for the needs of each hair type. Ongoing research and close collaboration with scientists enable Laboratories Phystosolba to continually develop innovative haircare products with clinically proven results.
Environmentally conscious, PHYTO only uses glass bottles and aluminum tubes, which also help protect its formulas rich in active ingredients and limit the use of preservatives.

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