Murad - Essential-C Night Moisture

Murad - Essential-C Night Moisture

Brand: Murad
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Why you need it:
Encourages healthy cell renewal to reveal younger-looking skin overnight.

Primary benefits:
Reduces morning creases. Neutralizes toxins and fights free radicals.
Essential-C Night Moisture

Essential-C Night Moisture's rich Shea Butter delivers instant hydration that lasts throughout the night. Our patented Skin Repair System restores a youthful look to environmentally stressed skin. Essential-C Night Moisture also delivers increased elasticity and firmness by encouraging collagen synthesis while Vitamin C neutralizes damaging free radicals and brightens skin. 

Additional features and ingredients:?

  • •Phytolipids help to bind water to the skin for maximum hydration
  • •Vitamin A encourages cell renewal
  • •Grape Seed Extract and Vitamin E provide powerful antioxidant protection

A night time moisturizer for face and neck skin that’s packed with Vitamin C and antioxidants to create a facial lotionthat’s not only refreshing, it’s also the key to beautiful, revitalized skin that happens while you sleep. This face creamfrom the scientific skin care experts at Murad restores skin from sun damage and the impact of the environment while also protecting against future damage. Essential-C Day Moisture works while you sleep to fight free radicals, restore skin and infuse skin with needed vitamins and nutrients, all while restoring important hydration to keep skin smooth and soft. Don’t just read about why this Vitamin C rich moisturize is a must have in your skin care and moisturizer collection. Don’t just eat your antioxidants, use them topically as well with Essential-C products, including this moisturizer, from Murad.


About Murad Essential-C Night Moisture

As part of the Murad Environmental Shield line of anti aging skin care products to combat Environmental Aging, Murad Essential-C Night Moisture hydrates and repairs skin as you sleep. Shea Butter hydrates skin intensely, Vitamin C combats skin-aging free radicals and Vitamin A encourages cell renewal. Reverse the damage caused by daily exposure to UV rays, pollutants and toxins while you sleep and wake up with radiant, younger-looking skin.

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